Monday, October 16, 2017

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Client Role in SEO

Due to the complexity of the search engines, our SEO strategies will change on a regular basis. During our quarterly meetings we discuss this and other topics of what went well, what needs to be worked on, and next quarters plan. Communication is very important to search engine optimization success. The clients role in this process is to make sure their vision is aligned with the SEO process. Our reports are professional and allow the client to know if SEO and the company's goals are in line. 

Once a website starts to gain traction with search engine optimization, it is a rewarded with increased traffic and increased conversions. A company's website plays a HUGE role in this process and will may not benefit with poor marketing language and or lack of call to actions. It's important the client adjusts their website with good marketing language and valuable content for the online visitor. 

The internet makes it so easy for a visitor to bounce and review another site that will give them what their looking for. A bounce is what Google analytic calls a split second visit to your website that ends with the visitor exiting your site immediately. Reduce these by making giving the online visitor a reason to stay and convert.

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Qualified Internet Systems, Inc. went to great lengths to create our website and have it up within the designated amount of time. Even now, after the design process has ended, Qualified has checked in to see how things are running and has delivered upon every request.

Regency Air, LLC

We could not be happier. The website orders have definitely increased from quarter to quarter. We are getting orders from all across the United States. Thank you so much for your help.

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