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Multiple Ad Groups | Pay Per Click

Increase conversions with pay per click advertising by using multiple ad groups. The benefit of setting up a pay per click model with multiple ad groups is that it allows a clear call to action for a specific service or product for the online searcher. Multiple ad groups allows the categorization of services or products and have a specific ad for each. Online, this is much more effective because you are able to laser target your customer with a laser focused ad. 

The pitfall of using one ad to blanket cover several services and or products forces one to leave out good content due to the limitation of space in the ad. One ad forces general content and a lack of clear call to action for a specific service or product. Let's use the example of a home owner looking for the service of weed removal for their lawn. They do a online search and see organic listings and paid advertisements. One ad content speaks of general lawn care and another speaks of lawn fertilization and weed removal. Chances are, the latter is going to get the click due to it's specificity and allowing the user to find what their looking for.  

Multiple Ad Group Example

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Let's use a fictitious bicycle company to explain multiple ad groups. This company has multiple models and colors of bicycles. 
Colors: Black, Red, and Green 
Models: Cruisers, Freestyle, and Mountain

The multiple ad group scenario in this example would be the following:

Ad Group #1
  • Cruisers
    • Black
    • Red
    • Green
Ad Group #2
  • Freestyle
    • Black
    • Red
    • Green
Ad Group #3
  • Mountain 
    • Black
    • Red
    • Green

Ad Group #1 contains 3 ads, one for each model and color. The same goes for each ad group totaling 9 specific ads. Following this strategy is best for people searching the web because the ad can be triggered based on more specific keywords. 

Qualified Internet Systems Inc can do this for your company. We'll also report and track what ad's provide the most phone calls, emails, and any other conversion tool. 



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