Monday, October 16, 2017

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Guaranteed Paid Placement (PPC)

Pay Per Click advertising is awesome. We find it interesting how PPC has such a bad name out there and 9 out of 10 times, we find out it was done in house with out any real education of how it works. Pay Per Click advertising executed with out restraints is like giving $1000's of dollars to the internet gods. The best part about PPC is it provides immediate qualified traffic to your website.

Did you know PPC can:

  • target specific zip codes
  • may be paused and restarted at anytime
  • trigger specific ads based on categorized keyword list or phrases used in the search
  • allows for a more targeted search - better conversion rate
  • any size budget
  • run ads with multilingual capabilities
  • allow a top bid to be placed on individual keywords
  • use of negative keywords
    • don't display ad for "lawyer" keyword alone, display ad for the phrase "personal injury lawyer"

Website traffic generated by PPC is qualified because if you did a great job writing your add and campaign set up, those keywords used for search matched your add.

Chances are, people are physically searching for your product or service everyday. Be there!



Qualified Internet Systems, Inc. went to great lengths to create our website and have it up within the designated amount of time. Even now, after the design process has ended, Qualified has checked in to see how things are running and has delivered upon every request.

Regency Air, LLC

We could not be happier. The website orders have definitely increased from quarter to quarter. We are getting orders from all across the United States. Thank you so much for your help.

Caloympic Safety

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