Monday, October 16, 2017

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FTP For Small Business

Storing Files And Enabling Your Small Business

File storage for small business is tough to wrap your head around sometimes. Do you get a solution to sync your files, or share your files, or upload your backups. What about solution that's secure, or can we have a part of this solution shareable with clients?

Shared Folders Provide Simple Ad-hoc Collaboration.

Ever wanted a way for clients, friends or business partners to upload and download files directly from your FTP account? Turn any folder into shared folder and send a link to anyone you want. They can download and (optionally) upload to that folder — and only that folder. It's secure, quick and convenient.

Upload and Download Files Quickly and Securely

Getting files to and from the file manager should be quick and simple. We've built a great file uploader that lets you get files, or even entire folders, stored in your account. Downloading a file is as simple as clicking on it.

Adding, Updating and Deleting Users is Simple.

Add as many users as you like. Setting up a user is quick and allows you to manage the people who need access to your account. Add, edit or delete users on the fly and never worry about trying to figure out who has access to what.



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